How to Register A Trademark in UAE

trademark registration in uae
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Registering a trademark in the United Arab Emirates involves a series of legal procedures which are held under the purview of the Ministry of Economy trademark registration department. These procedures start with determining the eligibility of your trademark, collecting necessary documentation, submitting your application, and finally having your trademark officially registered. The process usually takes several months to complete. This article aims to guide you through the comprehensive steps involved in the process, the associated costs termed trademark registration UAE cost, the validity period and renewal procedures, common mistakes to avoid, and when to seek legal help.

Understanding Trademarks

Before delving into the registration process, it’s crucial to understand what a trademark is in the context of trademarks UAE and its importance in a business context.

Definition of Trademarks

A trademark is a unique design, symbol, or series of words that identifies a brand or product. This constitutes the process of brand name registration in UAE. It distinguishes your goods or services from others in the market, offering you exclusive rights to use the symbol or name in connection with your business. Everything from Nike’s “”Swoosh”” logo to Apple’s apple image and names like “”McDonald’s”” is considered a trademark.

Importance of Trademarks

Trademarks serve multiple purposes in the business world. One of such is logo registration UAE. They protect a company’s brand identity, making it easier for customers to identify and choose the brand over its competitors. Trademarks also help prevent brand replication and theft, ensuring the legal protection of a brand’s identity. They reflect the quality of products or services, creating a bond of trust between the company and its customers.

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Starting the Trademark Registration Process in UAE

Registering a trademark in UAE involves a set of systematic steps, but the pre-registration process begins with knowing if you’re eligible and understanding the basic steps to start the registration process, further impressing the importance of the trade mark.

Eligibility for Trademark Registration

To be eligible for trademark registration:

  1. Any individual or company engaged in legitimate commercial or service activities.
  2. Foreign companies operating in the UAE.
  3. Public legal assemblies.

Steps to Begin the Registration Process

The first part of the process starts with a trademark search to ensure your chosen symbol or name isn’t already registered. Choosing a unique logo or name increases the chances of your application being approved. It’s advisable to hire a legal expert to guide you through the complexities of the process and to ensure compliance with all requirements.

Required Documents for Trademark Registration

The following documents need to be submitted for the registration process.

  1. A formal request for registration (in Arabic).
  2. Fifteen samples of the trademark.
  3. Power of Attorney if the owner is not residing in UAE.
  4. Certificate of the commercial register or an extract from it.

Each of these documents serves a purpose and contributes to the validation of your application, thus careful attention should be paid while preparing them.

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The Cost of Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is a crucial investment for every business and understanding the financial implications involved is necessary for a smooth process. The trademark registration UAE cost varies, depending on the specifics of your application such as the type of logo or name, its classification, and possible legal services. The cost includes certain non-refundable fees for the search process, application filing, and registration, among others.

Breakdown of Costs

While costs may vary, here is a general breakdown of potential fees:

  1. Application fee: The fee for filing your trademark application.
  2. Examination fee: This is paid for the process of examining your registration request to check its uniqueness and conformance to UAE trademark laws.
  3. Registration fee: After successful examination, the fee for officially registering your trademark is paid.
  4. Publication fee: After registration, there’s a need to publicize your trademark. This is a mandatory step and includes both gazette and newspaper publication.

Options for Payment

There are multiple payment options for trademark registration related charges in the UAE. Payments can be made through cash at the counter, bank deposit, or electronic transfer. Always ensure a receipt, as it would be required while following up on your application.

How Long is the Trademark Registration Process in UAE?

Once all required documents have been submitted correctly, the Ministry of Economy generally takes 6-12 months to complete the trademark registration process. However, the duration can vary depending on any challenges that might arise during the process, such as objections from third parties.

The Validity, Renewal, and Transfer of Trademarks

It’s important to note the lifespan of your trademark once registered, how to keep it up to date, and the rules if you ever plan to transfer it.

Trademark Validity in UAE

In the UAE, once registered, a trademark is valid for 10 years. Post this period, the owner must renew the trademark to continue the protection it offers.

The Process of Trademark Renewal

The process for renewing a trademark is relatively simple but requires timely action. The trademark owner should apply for renewal 3 months before the expiry date. If not renewed on time, the trademark may become vulnerable to third-party registrations.

Trademark Transfers in UAE

Trademarks can be transferred from one owner to another through a process documented by the Ministry of Economy. The transfer procedure requires certain documents like the Deed of Assignment, which needs to be appropriately filled, signed, and stamped by the concerned parties.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Trademark Registration

The trademark registration process involves many meticulous procedures, making it easy for mistakes to creep in. Here’s a list of frequent slip-ups that one could avoid:

  1. Not conducting a thorough availability search.
  2. Ignoring the importance of a distinctive logo or name.
  3. Not understanding the classification of products or services correctly.

Seeking Legal Help for Trademark Registration

Trademark registration can be complex, especially when objections arise. Enlisting the help of a legal expert can be instrumental in ensuring the process is handled with due diligence and expertise. They can provide advice, handle paperwork, and guide you through the nuances of the UAE trademark law.


Registering a trademark in UAE is a detailed process, but it’s a worthwhile investment to protect your brand’s identity. By understanding this process, you can help to ensure that your trademark application and registration are accomplished effectively. Remember to consider every step in detail, avoid common mistakes, and seek legal help if needed.


1. How long does it take to register a trademark in UAE?

The registration process takes approximately 6-12 months once all required documents are submitted.

2. Who is eligible for trademark registration in UAE?

Any individual, company engaged in commercial activities, foreign companies operating in UAE, and public legal assemblies are eligible for trademark registration in UAE.

3. What is the validity period of a registered trademark in UAE?

A registered trademark remains valid for 10 years in UAE. Post this period, it has to be renewed.

4. Can a trademark be transferred from one party to another in UAE?

Yes, a trademark can be transferred from one party to another in UAE. Specific procedures and documents such as the Deed of Assignment are required for this process.

5. What are some common mistakes to avoid in the trademark registration process?

Not conducting a comprehensive search, choosing a non-distinctive logo or name, or misunderstanding the classification aspects of the products or services are some common mistakes.